LAPSody 2017 | The Bubble

Form a bubble, join a bubble, burst a bubble: Welcome to the 6th International Festival and Conference LAPSody at the Theatre Academy Helsinki, organised by the MA program Live Art and Performance Studies!
For this year’s edition of LAPSody, we have invited contributors from many different fields to explore the social, philosophical, artistic, scientific and performative potential of the bubble as a discursive and physical phenomenon.

Join us and THE BUBBLE from 24.-27. May 2017!

Some of the events require pre-booking, please follow these links to register:

The Bus Tour
Thursday, 25.5., 11-17h

Workshop “Air Architecture”
with “No Object”
Friday, 26.5., 10-13h

Performance “Whether we move or not”
by Anja Sauer
Friday, 26.5., 17.30h

Lecture performance “The psychology of bubbles and illusions”
by Fabian Löwenbrück
Saturday, 27.5., 14h